Erick Bongcam


Music composer and performer, Erick Bongcam leads his artistic universe towards composing instrumental, electronic and electro-acoustic music; also passionate for mathematics he pretends to approach both languages, at the same time researcher of afro-Colombian and Latino American folk music. He works regularly with interdisciplinary projects such as musical monodrama, theater, dance, cinema, audiovisual installations, and performances.

As a self-taught Erick Bongcam began his musical studies, later he studied Pedagogy on Music Theory at the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève  (HEM) – Switzerland, meanwhile he continued composing. He studied Programming on MaxMSP  by the hand of Daniel Zea composer and teacher of the Haute Ecole D’Art et Design de Genève.

His pieces had been performed by some remarkable contemporary music ensembles and some well known performers such as the EnsembleVortex (Suiss), the cARRASCO+zEA=gUITARe+eLECTRONICs (Chile-Colombia), Ensamble MusLab (Mexico), Antoine Françoise (France) pianist from the Ensemble Contrechamps and co-founder of the Mercury Quartet, Ilja Langmair, Tzvetan Mihailov, Mauricio Carrasco, Serge Vuille, Mónica Prada, Pedro Castillo Lara for naming a few.

He has worked remarkably with the theater director Omar Porras, head of « Teatro Malandro » based on Geneva, Switzerland. He also worked with the filmmaker Juan Andrés Arango Garcia composing the Original Soundtrack for the film « La Playa D.C » chosen for the « 65 Festival de Cannes ». He had also worked with some well known cinema directors such as Raya Martin, Mark Peranson, Alfonso Pineda Ulloa, Hari Sama,, Julio Hernandez Cordon for naming a few.

Nowadays, he continues to write music and he is strongly interested on developing the symbiotic interaction of image and sound as a natural phenomenon. He studies the Sarangi (Nepali violin) by the hand of Dhan Bahadur Gayak nepali highlighted performer and composer.